The Company will ship Product(s) to you using the delivery method you have selected and to the shipping address indicated on the Order Confirmation. The average shipping times vary and are only estimates. The Company offers free shipping on qualified Orders shipped in Canada for over CAD$60, and free shipping over USD$60 on qualified Orders shipped to the United States. Canadian Orders are shipped by the Canada Post, delivery times vary from 3-15 business days on average. Orders shipped to United States are shipped by Canada Post service, delivery times vary from 5-15 business days. Delivery times may vary in case of remote location, during our peak season, and due to weather condition. Delivery times provided by the Company are only estimates and The Company shall not be responsible for any damages or costs resulting from any delays in delivery. If you Order several Products, as each item becomes available the Company may send packages in different shipments at no extra cost to you. We require that you include your telephone number in the checkout process, in case the shipping carrier needs to contact you to make delivery arrangements.

Free Shipping Restrictions:
- We do not offer free shipping on Orders to Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Yukon.
- We do not offer free shipping to United States Military Addresses such as APO, FPO, etc.
- Free shipping offer cannot be combined with discount codes and other promotions from

Shipping Restriction:
We may be unable to ship certain Products to United States that come in pressurized containers, contain alcohol, or fall under California's Proposition 65 regulation. In case issues arise, the buyer will be contacted before shipment is released.